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Geneva International Motor Show

Posted on: 18th March 2015 | Category: Swiss adventures

Every March, Geneva comes to a standstill as it prepares to host its International Motor Show.  Hotel rooms are booked out and traffic lines the road for miles outside the city as visitors come from near and far, eager to see impressive displays of cars both classic and ultra-modern, both traditional and avant-garde.  This grand event has been taking place since 1905, and last weekend our girls braved the crowds to pay a visit to the 2015 edition.

They were not disappointed.  The vast scale of the exhibition was astounding, with thousands of cars on display.  Favourites among the girls were the shiny red Ferrari and the dazzling orange Lamborghini.  They were also intrigued by the car made out of scrap metal, and the rather odd-looking tiled object - not unlike a mosaic Mediterranean terrace in appearance - which turned out to be a solar-panelled vehicle! 

One of our girls, Regina from Mexico, is a car enthusiast and was particularly excited about the show.  Here is what she had to say about the trip:

“I had a great time at the exhibition in Geneva.  I love cars so this activity was perfect for me.  I really loved it.”

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