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Global Enterprise Challenge at Surval

Posted on: 24th June 2014 | Category: Clubs and societies, Special events

Global Enterprise Challenge

On Saturday the 14th June, a team of ten Surval business students participated in an international business competition, the Global Enterprise Challenge. Competing against forty five teams from all around the world, our team mentored by Miss Condon and the Liberal Arts students participated in lunchtime and after school sessions where they fine-tuned their video editing, filming and business plan skills in preparation for the event. The competition was a top – secret, twelve hour challenge as the girls had no idea of what they would be asked to do on the day. It was not until 9am on the Saturday that the challenge was released via a web broadcast, “to design an innovative exhibit that can be used to inform communities, government, and the media about the benefit of family farming.”

The girls worked incredibly hard over the twelve hour period in order to submit a video, business plan and PowerPoint presentation to display their travelling trade stand that they named Inside Family Farming (IFF). The team developed a business proposal that outlined a plan to inform the Swiss community about the importance of supporting family farmers in light of the world’s increasing population and food demand. The girls’ teamwork, persistence and initiative was impressive throughout the challenge and their final submissions reflected their hard work. The challenge was an invaluable experience for the team as it is designed to replicate the types of challenges and deadlines people in the business field face on a daily basis. Miss Foxton who organised the event at Surval was also on the international judging panel along with Dr Talwar and commented on the very high standard of entries from many schools across the globe. All of the team will receive a certificate from GEC for their contribution.

Surval Enterprise Day

To coincide with the Global Enterprise Challenge on Saturday 14 June, the rest of the school participated in their own business competition. After watching an inspiring episode of the UK’s The Apprentice business TV show to kick start the day, the girls were split into two teams and tasked with creating a marketing plan for a new breakfast cereal of their choice, to be advertised by a children’s cartoon character along with innovative and eye-catching new packaging. The girls worked hard designing jingles, painting new cereal boxes and getting into costume to produce a short thirty second TV advert that was presented in front of the whole school and judging panel shortly before supper. It was a great opportunity to participate in a business simulation and appreciate the many creative aspects of enterprise in addition to developing team working and time management skills. It was a close competition, but narrowly won by the exciting multi-coloured cereal “Space Pops”!

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