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Graduation 2014

Posted on: 30th June 2014 | Category: School Life, Special events

Graduation Day last Thursday was a splendid occasion, celebrating the progress and success of all our students.  From Gloria, one of our graduating students who has been at Surval for four years, to Paola who joined us four weeks ago, everyone had something to be proud of and which we could all applaud. Certificates of Excellence for a range of activities, academic, personal, charitable and cultural, were presented and received with great pleasure.  Prizes were awarded for the first time and covered not only individuals but also groups entering for international competition. The final awards were for outstanding students. We have many students who are outstanding ambassadors for the school, and have given generously in time, friendship and commitment to the school community. An award for an outstanding student who came from January to June went to Elisa Bannwart Whately (Brazil and Switzerland): the two runners up for the Student of the Year were  Giovanna Lopes, also from Brazil, and Annemarie Potgieter, (South Africa). Our unanimous vote for Student of the Year was for Paula Torrado from Mexico.  The day was sunny, drinks and canapés were enjoyed on the terrace, and Madame Horta and her staff designed beautiful table arrangements to complement the superb food produced by M Baumann and his team. Parents came from across the globe to share our pride in the girls and their achievements: and those parents who had come to the brunch last September, to settle their daughters into Surval, could scarcely believe how much they had developed in maturity and independence over the year.  It was a wonderful occasion!

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