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Grottes de Vallorbe visit

Posted on: 28th November 2016

The Surval girls ventured to the Grottes De Vallorbe on Sunday afternoon unaware of the extraordinary natural beauty they were about to discover. Arriving at the Grottes, surrounded by tall trees and streaming water, everyone eagerly entered inside the caves which we soon learnt were formed of limestone layers which had eroded over millions of years. Inside the caves, the wonderful natural rock was exposed with a spectacular display of fascinating and stunning minerals; no wonder these caves are known as a Swiss geological wonder! These jaw dropping rock formations were also extremely interesting, encouraging the girls to investigate the purpose of the subterranean river in the caves and subsequently how the different formations occurred. Sunday brought the girls face to face with the awesome sight of one of the best caves in all of Europe. Valeria, one of our Liberal Arts students comments, 'I have never seen caves like this before’; Elizaveta, in Foundation Year, agreed, describing the caves as ‘absolutely beautiful’. 

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