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Halloween 2016

Posted on: 9th November 2016

We started to prepare for Halloween many weeks before. In the weekends we had art clubs, where we prepared decorations for our rooms and doors; some girls also started to make their costumes. It was so interesting and exciting, because all the girls (we think teachers also) want to see each other’s costumes and decorations.

Halloween evening, we enjoyed a lot of traditional activities! The first one was apple bobbing, a game where we had to ‘catch’ an apple or orange. The second activity was the ‘mummy wrapping’; we had a team of three, our mommy was Mariia, because she is the smallest and it was easier to cover her! We had great fun together. The third activity was ‘pumpkin carving’, quite tricky but everyone enjoyed it. It was wonderful to see the different pumpkin shapes everyone made and the various ‘faces’ they came up with.  It was harder than we thought it would be to carve the pumpkin. 

The final activity was a surprise! Our Games Room in the basement here had been transformed into the ‘Horror Room’ by the Liberal Arts girls, who were downstairs waiting for us in scary costumes. They were hiding in dark places and suddenly coming out of nowhere, scary but funny with it; we all screamed and laughed! Halloween was fun for all, everyone enjoyed it!

- Mariia and Sofia, Foundation Year

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