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Horse Riding at Surval

Posted on: 24th March 2014 | Category: Sport

My passion for horses started when I was 5 years old with the movie The Saddle Club, I used to watch it every day. The series is based on a summer camp for horse riding. It was my dream to go there, but when I found out it didn't exist I got really disappointed. 

I started to do horse riding when I was 10 years old. I was in love with all the different horses I had the opportunity to ride, but there is only one that I had the connection with. When I was turning 12 years old, my teacher gave me a new horse to try for jumping:  I didn't feel secure at all, but I decided to try. When jumping that day, I broke my clavicle when jumping. My mom got so frustrated, that she didn't let me go back to riding. When I came to Switzerland and Surval gave me the opportunity to ride again, I was amazed.

This short video to me, is a representation of the power and beauty of this animal.When I climb on a horse I feel as if I am seeing the world from a different perspective: from the eyes of a tall, handsome, strong, and attentive creature. A creature that never loses its degree of wilderness but develops the most loyal relationship a human can ever have. 

As much as it may have throw me on the ground once in a while, it is never a vindictive or malicious action, it is a mere reminder that I must never cease to respect its animal characteristics. 

Nonetheless, the trust bond we created is irreplaceable, it gives me drive to wake up, it feeds my insatiable thirst for more time on top of the horse. It overwhelms me with passion and spurs me on with delight and a new surprise every single day. The movement of its muscles is more delicate than ballet, the swing of its tail and rotation of its ears is just a glimpse of why I fall deeply in love with this creature every day. 

Giovanna, Brazil

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