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Ice Hockey evening in Fribourg

Posted on: 5th April 2017

Halfway through the Winter Term at Surval, whilst we had been thoroughly embracing our skiing and snowboarding, we thought it was time to try a few other winter sports. On a Saturday night a group of girls traded supper out in Montreux for an exciting ice hockey match in Fribourg. We took to the stands and began cheering for the home team Fribourg-Gottéron as they prepared to take on SC Bern. The stadium atmosphere was electric as a variety of chants started ringing through the arena and drum rolls resonated around the ice. The girls soon worked out the rules of the game and cheered their chosen team on most enthusiastically. Unfortunately, Fribourg lost by 2 goals, but the whole experience left our girls wanting to see a few more matches this season; some went so far as to purchase F-G jerseys on the night!

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