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Ice Skating fun in Les Paccots

Posted on: 10th December 2017 | Category: Boarding life, Sport

On Sunday, we drove up the winding woodland road to the small ski resort of Les Paccots, where the ice-rink is nestled among pine trees and rolling hills. Some of the girls shot straight into the centre of the ice to work on their spins and crossovers; a few less intrepid girls clung on to the barrier for safety! However, our "pro" skaters soon adopted the role of teachers, and by the end all the girls were able to skate without holding onto the barrier. 

It was a chilly November afternoon, so everyone took some time to warm up over hot chocolate by the wood burning stove in the chalet cafe. Then, it was back to the ice! About twenty minutes before the end, the skies darkened, thunder rumbled, and a blizzard blew in. Snow spinning crazily onto the ice sent most of the skaters flying for the changing room - but several of our girls stayed out, delighted to have their own private skating rink! 

Eventually it was time to go. We persuaded the girls to leave the ice, which was done very reluctantly, and we drove home through the swirling snow. A very fun afternoon out!

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