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Iceland Trip by students

Posted on: 16th June 2017 | Category: Boarding life, Trips and excursions

Mariia Zakharova

Surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean is the land of adventures. The land of eruptions. The land of frosty glaciers. Iceland.

The thing that I thought about Iceland when I first saw it with my own eyes was cold. Rain pouring down the glass windows of our bus. Grey and gloomy clouds. I wrapped my coat around my body. I pulled a woolly hat over my freezing ears. Let the experience begin.

Flaming cloudy blue water. Steam creating clouds. Girls appreciating a lovely moment in the water with milky white masks on their face. The Blue Lagoon. My shock of the day was the price. I wanted to have a snack in a café. I took a smoothie. I went to pay and saw the price: “WHAT?!” At that moment, I thought I was buying an elephant.

Colossal, bumpy, rough rocks of lava with holes like Swiss cheese covered with bright green moss, carelessly scattered all over the country. Towering geysers. Stunning. Rainbow sprays of water from the waterfall. Breath-taking.

In the magical dark blue ocean waters live vast sea creatures. Dolphins and whales showing their fins. Some are showing-off. Some are curious. Some are calm. All of them have their own character.  

No luminous stars shining in the sky. No mysterious darkness hiding its ocean deep secrets. In the summer, the days last forever.

Alexa Aguilar

Last week, we took a plane to the isolated island of the North Sea. An island where night never comes in the summer, and where you find the best shark meat in the world. Iceland.

Our trip began with the Blue Lagoon. Gazing out the window of the coach, we saw endless carelessly scattered black stones. A layer of lively green moss was laid on top of the rocks. Then, the foggy turquoise waters of the Blue Lagoon. The warm, salty water contrasted with the cold, windy weather. We could feel the quiet, calm atmosphere surrounding us.

We visited an organic tomato farm, where we saw infinite tomato crops full of green leaves and bright tomatoes. There was a light shining on the crops, and we felt warm inside the big greenhouse. We ate a homemade, spicy tomato soup – the best I’ve ever had! There was a big chopping board with a variety of different freshly baked bread to choose from: white, whole-wheat, whole-wheat with olives, with honey…The water jug was garnished with red cherry tomatoes. We could chop our own basil to add to our soup, by cutting it from the small pot in the centre of the table.

 We had lunch on a small beach during one of the last days. Although we were enclosed by rocks, the vast ocean made it feel enormous. We took pictures on top of cliffs, looking down at the beach.

Standing up there by myself, I gazed around me. I could smell the salt of the cool, relaxed ocean. Rocks lay like pieces of an unsolved jigsaw puzzle. Black, fine sand. Blue, clear horizons.  

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