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Indoor Climbing for Surval students

Posted on: 28th February 2018 | Category: Boarding life, School Life, Sport, Summer Camp

Rock Climbing is a fun, exciting and totally safe way to experience new feelings. This activity supervised by a professional coach is very much enjoyed by girls of all ages from Surval. They appreciate this sport as it allows them to work in teams and pairs what gives them an opportunity to support each other. Liza S, for example, enjoys rock climbing because she can share a feeling of trust with her friends. She says “When my friend Liza F was securing me with the rope while I was climbing up I was not at all afraid as I know that my friend is a responsible person and I can trust her with my security”. For her part, Liza F recognised the encouragement provided by her friend who helped her to get to the top. “When I got stuck Liza S was shouting to help me find a grip in the wall and that was what helped me to move forward”. Therefore, rock climbing is not only a fun physical activity but also a way to create bonds between girls and initiate team working skills. - Ms Karpova, Surval staff

Here are the views of our students:

“Last Sunday we visited the indoor climbing and it was an amazing experience for me. It was my second time there and I enjoyed it even more than the first time. It wasn’t the easiest activity I’ve ever done but it was an unforgettable experience when you finally got to the top of the “mountain” and you went down just as you fly. I highly recommend everyone to try it as you will enjoy it so much!” – Liza S, Grade 10, Russian

“When we just arrived and met our instructor I immediately liked her. When I first saw her, she was smiling and welcomed us very warmly. It was the first time I tried this activity and I quite liked it, mostly because of the support from our instructor. Before we started, she explained everything from the very basics, like how to properly wear the safety harness, how to correctly mount the carabiners and different levels of difficulty, to more professional skills, like how to correctly set the legs and hands on the ledges to be more reliable and how to use chopped chalk so that your hands do not slip. 

At first, I was a bit scared, however, since she has explained everything and even showed us it on the actual track, it became clear and I got some confidence. The instructor helped me from the very beginning and my first attempt was pretty good. I have successfully completed more than six tracks of different complexity on my own, therefore she allowed me and Liza to try to do a paired track, but only with her supervision. It was as interesting as difficult, and we were so happy we have done it. I did like that day, it was so much fun and a great experience. Now I am no longer scared, and I would like to practice more because it is really challenging, and I want to be better at this. Thank you very much to the school for organising this activity and to the staff as it was such a pleasure to go climbing with them!” – Nastya, Grade 10, Russian

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