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Induction days at Surval Montreux

Posted on: 22nd September 2016

Induction days

The first weekend of School saw the girls continuing their busy and exciting induction week. Saturday morning brought glorious sunshine, an idyllic setting for some challenging team building activities, fostering communication and collaboration amongst the girls and the opportunity for our ‘family’ ethos to shine through.

The fist activity relied on Trust and Honesty: dividing into groups of 4, 1 member within each group was blindfolded, being guided and led by their team members to the tennis court, relying only on verbal instruction. Laughter mingled with cautionary directions echoed around the school site as one by one all the teams made it safely to the tennis court, to carry on with a further circuit of team building challenges! The ‘count to 20’ game proved an excellent start, practising Listening and Patience! This activity was easier for some teams than others….but everyone involved agreed it was a fun learning experience. The teams then progressed to the ‘hot lava’ activity, with the girls imagining the tennis court was hot lava and with only one pair of shoes per team, having to work out how to cross the whole team to the other side! One of the trickier games, involving planning, organisation and thinking as a team! The final game was a number puzzle: the girls were given randomly numbers between 1-8 and had to move themselves around from this mix-up into a consecutive order. This game proved the most challenging, demanding forward thinking from the whole group.

It was very heartening to observe the teams who completed their challenge early providing immense support and encouragement to those still completing theirs – showing already true Surval spirit! The girls should be extremely proud of themselves; they were able to articulate and share ideas, they listened to one another throughout every activity whilst also encouraging other teams around them, gaining positive friendships and social confidence, along with a strong sense of what it means to work as a team.

In the afternoon it was shoes on, sun-cream ready and water in hand, as the girls and their teachers set off on a hike up to the picturesque local village of Glion; it’s quite a climb and with the sun beaming down they all did extremely well to make it to the top. Well worth the effort, rewarded by a wonderful opportunity for some fabulous photoshoots of the stunning natural landscape and beautiful countryside surrounding Surval, as well as some memorable selfies with their friends! After a short break, everyone headed back happily down through the forest which leads directly to the school; the end of a truly enjoyable and unforgettable Saturday afternoon.

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