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Interior Designer visits Surval!

Posted on: 14th November 2014 | Category: Clubs and societies, Special events

Surval was delighted to welcome Dr Ines Klemm to present a workshop on interior design, specialising in the use of colour. The girls made the most of this opportunity by participating fully over the course of the weekend, asking many questions and producing imaginative presentations to reflect what they had learnt. Please read what two of the students have to say below.

“This weekend I participated in a color workshop. It was very fun and interesting at the same time. I learned so many new things. The workshop Dr. Klemm taught us about was color. She is very creative and knows a lot about the subject; she's very passionate. After two days working with her doing different things, I now see color in a different way. I learned their meanings, how are they used and the message they transmit. Everything in life has color. Even when you get dressed is important to know the meaning of the colors to choose the color you want to transmit to people for different situations. I really enjoyed it and it will be very useful.” (Karla, Mexico)

“This past weekend we had a visitor, Dr Klemm. She is a design expert and an architect. She came to teach us a little bit about interior designing, how we could completely change a room by just changing the colour of a wall. She also showed us how people react to her work. We really enjoyed it. I think having these kind of opportunities can only happen once in your life time.” (Cristina, Mexico)  

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