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International Award experience

Posted on: 8th March 2016

International Award training was an intensive four day course for our International Award coordinators, Cara Murphy and Marie O`Donnell which covered all aspects of delivering the qualification successfully to the students at Surval. The International Award is a rigorous and challenging qualification to achieve which is globally recognised and currently operates in over 140 countries across the globe. Surval is therefore proud to be an accredited International Award Centre that offers the complete award through all 3 levels from Bronze to Gold to all students. 

The International Award is the most desirable and highly regarded non-academic qualification for students, in terms of their breadth of experience when applying to university or for careers.  Perhaps most importantly it offers opportunities for personal development which will enrich their lives forever. The Award is offered to students over the age of 14. There are three levels: Bronze, Silver and Gold, each level requiring participants to Service at Surval involves working within our charity programme, and also finding imaginative ways of serving the community: helping with ‘wake up’- a challenge in itself! Supporting teachers leading various clubs and societies: volunteering: and finding new ways of contributing. It supports our key aims of initiative, imagination and independence. Skills section involves learning a new skill over a period of time: skiing and snowboarding figure highly here: yoga: a new language: knitting: debating: or totally new academic skills in science or maths: and finally sport, which can encompass any of our many sporting activities.

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