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International Award Exploration

Posted on: 22nd June 2016 | Category: Boarding life, Clubs and societies, School Life, Sport, Trips and excursions

While going on this journey we faced many challenges. At times we had to stop and check the compass to see if we were going the right way, and to do this we had to know the complicated way to use the compass. Also, we had to know how to read a map to know where we should be going. As we walked and slept, we were very unlucky because it rained and snowed, and we were carrying double our weight on our backs. Throughout the day, we had to cook our own food, so we learned how to cook pasta and porridge! Throughout the night we slept in tents, so in the evening we split up into our groups and put up our tents.

My group consisted of five girls: Fernanda, Daria, Crystal, Adina and me, Marina. We worked together very well because we each had a role: Crystal read the compass, Fernanda and I read the map, Adina and Daria took the pictures and all of us together we explored. We all had a role that affected all of us with something and that is why we worked so well together.

I entered international award because I wanted to explore the outdoors and it helped my college application a lot. Also because I wanted to get to know my peers in a more free environment than in school. We got to experience rain and sun, and sleeping in a tent and a hut, it was once in a lifetime experience.

It was really funny when we were about to roast our marshmallows and we did not have any sticks for it, so we went into nature and broke down some sticks from a tree. It was also fun when Ms. O’Donnell brought us equipment to play badminton and we started to play a little tournament between us.

I never knew that I was good at reading maps, and at the beginning I didn't even know how to do it but I managed to read it. I loved being in command of telling everyone where to go because I felt like a leader. I learnt that at night it is very cold if you are sleeping in a tent. International award was a great experience.

Marina, Grade 9

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