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“It is your mind that pushes your body, not the body that stops you” Nastya on the Run in the Dark

Posted on: 27th November 2017 | Category: Boarding life, Clubs and societies, Commitment to communities, Sport

On 23 November, my best friend Liza and I had an experience of a run for charity which helps people with different diseases. There were two distance options, one of them was to run the distance of 5 km and make a donation, the other one was to run the distance of 10 km and make a donation. We made a donation of 50 CFH, but there were different options and you could choose the amount of donation yourself. Choosing the distance was much more difficult, we couldn’t decide until the last moment and agreed that we would run how we feel, not to try to be the first one and to be a hero, but to run and enjoy it.

Before the run has started we met a few Russian runners who were very nice and cheerful. They were supporting me all the way through and it was unforgettable feeling of happiness when you meet someone from your country that far away from home. All of the runners started this run at 8 pm when it was dark and very cold, but at the same time there were a lot of lights shining bright and it looked as a fairy-tale. Firstly, I really wanted to complete 10 km, but I couldn’t believe I could do it. Although it seemed to be impossible and I was very scared, when I started to run I understood and was for 100% sure I would be able run this distance and even more. At the end of the first 5 km there were people standing there and cheering every runner up. It helped me a lot as I felt supported and full of energy. While the time I was running, I met those Russian guys twice and they shouted out: “Run! You are amazing! You can do it! Well done! We believe in you!” and one of them said: “High five!” it was very funny as I didn’t expect this and it actually gave me more faith in myself. When I saw the last straight line ending this race, I felt the happiest girl and was even a bit surprised because I could not believe I did it! However, it was not the least surprising news as when I overstepped the finish line the organizer told me that this race was actually 12 km. I was shocked and even confused and I didn’t believe him, but it was true and he said: “You are a very good runner, I am very glad for you. You have completed the race of 12 km in 1 hour and 7 minutes. Congratulations!” I was so full of different emotions that I cannot convey all of them, but what I can say is that I was absolutely truly happy!

It was great experience because now I know that I should always believe in myself and the most important thing I have learnt from this event is that it is your mind that pushes your body, not the body that stops you from achieving your goals. I am very thankful for this organisation for collecting the money for people who are in need and also for giving this opportunity to try your best and to overcome your fears and yourself and to believe that we have all the rights and the possibilities to reach the target and make a dream come true! Never stop trying something new, never stop doing what you truly love, never stop being you and believe in what you can do!

Nastya, Grade 10, Russia

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