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Laser Quest battle at Surval

Posted on: 6th November 2015

Battle commenced on Sunday with a large group of students taking part in Laser Tag (Laser Quest) in Villeneuve. The group was split into 2 teams, the blue team and the red team who chased each other around the darkened, futuristic space adventure course which was almost pitch black apart from the glow of the laser guns and the luminous lighting. During the first game the blue team successfully defended the top floor with Sonia achieving the highest score by hitting the most red team players. The blue team however were successfully crushed by the red team, who working together successfully managed to infiltrate the top floor and won the game. In the second game, Alisa proved herself to be the sharpest shooter by hitting the most blue team players,  helping the blue team to rise to victory again. Running around continuously with the laser packs on proved to be excellent exercise and great fun was had by all involved!

'It is my first time to play the laser Quest, and I was very surprised that I can be the winner of this game.  I think this game is really interesting and I really enjoined it. I hope school can organize more activities like this!' - Alisa, 13

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