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Lavey les Bains relaxtion

Posted on: 6th December 2017 | Category: Boarding life

Saturday morning was already so wet that it seemed strange to be packing our swimsuits and towels to head to an outdoor swimming pool; the sheets of November rain were stripping the last of the yellow leaves from the trees as we tootled down the drive of Surval towards Lavey-les-Bains.

As the Autumn term revved up for revision and end-of-term exams, a few hours at a spa was just what was needed; and the moody wintry weather truly enhanced our experience. 

Bracing ourselves as we swam under the plastic divide from cosy indoors to the first of the outside pools, we were all set to do immediate U-turns if it was just too chilly! However, instead we were enveloped in swirling tendrils of steam, as the cold outside air kissing the heated water of the pool created a dreamy mist that cooled our faces, carried with it the sweetly woody scent of the log burner from the relaxation room, mingled with the minty twang of eucalyptus for an invigorating contrast. 

Fretted from the trees and bushes that encircle the baths were strands and strands of fairy lights, twinkling romantically through the haze of steam. We lay back as jets of water gave us much appreciated back massages, and gazed up at the towering cliffs and Alpine mountains, now cloaked in cloud, then clearing to reveal trees clad in fresh snow. 

A blissful afternoon of relaxation - it should definitely be a weekly ritual!

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