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Liberal Arts social skills workshop

Posted on: 6th December 2013 | Category: Etiquette and cookery

These past two days at Surval have been unforgettable, full of enjoyment and learning. On Thursday, we (the liberal arts and grade 12 girls) had a socialising and cocktail making workshop. It was a pleasure learning socialising skills for our future careers, as well as how to behave at receptions. Although all of us made a mess while making cocktails, we learned how to make delicious non-alcoholic drinks that could be served on any occasion. 

On Friday, Ms Musgrave chaired a "Computers vs. Books" debate. Six girls were chosen to deliver the debate, three on each side. These six girls had a debate workshop with Ms Musgrave as well. The debate was wonderful, with a fascinating argument. All of the girls, and even a few teachers had something to say regarding the motion.

It was the perfect end to the school week. On behalf of all the girls at Surval, we would like to thank Ms. Musgrave for taking the time to prepare, deliver, and attend the social skills, cocktail making, and debating workshops. We all had an incredible time, and hope to have more workshops in the future.

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Lucia, 20, USA

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