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Lullaby Broadway Theatre Production

Posted on: 27th November 2015 | Category: Music, theater and art

On Thursday evening, the whole school was transported through the ages of musical theatre at Broadway. We were treated to a selection of musical numbers from the 1920s to the present day with brief histories of how Broadway adapted to the political and social context of each decade in the USA. From the glitz and glam of the '20s, to the independence of women in the '30s, to the employed and empowered women of the '40s, to the housewives of the '50s, to the rock 'n' roll years of the '60s, to the psychedelic songs of the '70s, to the working '9 to 5' women of the '80s, to the futuristic, techno beats of the '90s, there was something for everyone. With exclaims from the girls of "It was amaaazing" and "That's it - I've found my profession!" as we left the theatre, we hope the evening has inspired them and given them encouragement for their own performance in the school Christmas Play in just over two weeks.

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