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Mexican Night

Posted on: 21st September 2014 | Category: Boarding life

Proud of our international community, this year we are celebrating all the national Independence Days. The first was celebrating with our Mexican students in honour of Mexico's Independence Day on the 16th September. Special thanks must go to the kitchen staff who went to great lengths to decorate the dining room with Mexico's colours and flags. Always happy to try new food, we indulged in nachos, fajitas, salsa, guacamole chips and many more of Mexico's popular delicacies.

A fun and festive evening that left brightened up everyone’s week!

"Mexican Independence Day at Surval was a wonderful experience. The dining room looked beautiful, all decorated with Mexican flags and Mexican specialities. The staff served traditional Mexican food like quesadillas, chilaquites and more! They made me feel at home!" (Angela, Mexico)

"I really enjoyed Mexican night not only because of the delicious traditional food but also because it was nice that it made me feel at home." (Carolina, Mexico)

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