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Montreux Holi festival

Posted on: 31st May 2017 | Category: Boarding life, Clubs and societies, Music, theater and art

Dressed in their brightest and whitest clothes, a group of Surval girls arrived at Clarens Plage, to take part in the Montreux Holi Festival. The Holi festival originated in the Brai region of India and is now an internationally recognised event; it ushers in the start of Spring, celebrating diversity along with young love.

On arrival at the festival we each received a special backpack containing a pair of jazzy sun glasses, a poncho and packets of colourful dust, which we were told to throw into the air to create an atmosphere of happiness and global acceptance. The local music groups had already begun playing and we went straight to the beach to dance. 

Over the next few hours, the girls enjoyed an amazing colourful time with their 'Holi dust'! The beach quickly became a rainbow of sand. We soon discovered the importance of wearing our sunglasses on the dance floor, as the dust filled the air! The bands played many well-known songs, along with some more traditional Indian dancing music.

At one point, we were lucky enough to enjoy a performance from a traditional Indian Dance group who had previously performed at the Olympic opening ceremony and on the television programme Dancing with the Stars. They were fantastic: dressed in bright silks and jewels, and beating drums. Following this, there was a raffle to win some special prizes. The girls danced on, stopping only to make use of the many food trucks which surrounded the area. Throughout the afternoon, rain clouds loomed on the horizon, however we were lucky enough to escape with only a few rain showers. 

After a full afternoon of fun and dancing, the girls headed back to Surval, tired and desperate for a shower! Days, and many hair washes later, we are still finding bits of colourful dust! But everyone involved agreed it was worth it and a fabulous way to celebrate the beginning of a wonderfully warm summer here at Surval! 

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