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New Liberal Arts programme for the Summer Term

Posted on: 21st April 2016

The new six week course has given Liberal Arts some new opportunities to develop their skills and interests. With the arrival of Shreya from India, for just six weeks, we decided to do something new, and consulted with the girls on their interests. Madame Riegel, a former hotel owner, comes each week to teach art of flower arranging: an extra excursion is organised each week: and for an afternoon session, we partner with the Glion Institute of Hospitality Management, just ten minutes up the road. Glion is a world famous hotel and hospitality school, currently second in the world rankings, and this is a wonderful opportunity for girls to learn something of management techniques and practices. Each year one or two girls go on to Glion or other famous hotel schools so this developing relationship will be of benefit to everyone whatever their chosen degree or career.

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