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“One of the greatest challenges of our time…”

Posted on: 2nd April 2019

On Monday 1st April, the whole school attended a presentation about careers in climate change by former Surval Graduate Student, Jess Wright, who is in the final months of her Masters in Climate Change at the University of Copenhagen.

We want to empower the students of Surval with a sense of their own capability to be part of the solution to the immense problems posed to humanity by global warming and climate change. Today, Jess showed the girls how to be part of positive change, not just in their lives today, but as they make choices about their future career. Environmental Consultant, Climate Change Researcher, Sustainability / Climate Analyst, Climate Change Politician, working in the Renewable Energy sector, working for the UNFCCC…It is exciting to think about the doors of possibility open to the students of Surval who are passionate about protecting and preserving our planet for generations and generations to come.

#survalmontreux #climatechange #sustainability #climateaction #climatecareers

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