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Paellas, Zombies and Adventures in Spain

Posted on: 15th November 2017 | Category: Trips and excursions

On an early Saturday morning, we went on to a trip of adventures to Spain.

Our trip started at the Warner Brothers theme park in Madrid. When I peeked out the coach window, I saw a lot of DC super heroes and I was very excited! The theme park was all decorated for Halloween, with many staff dressed up as characters such as zombie pigs, Pennywise the clown

and corpse brides...and they were walking around the park to scare people and chasing after them.

However a friend of mine called XinYi was not even frightened by their creepy costumes, so she told me: “Let’s go and find Pennywise!” Then, we spent a few hours just chasing that staff member and try to freak him out: it was a funny experience. After we finished our adventure in the theme park, we could feel the quiet in the coach.

We went to play a clue hunter game, where we tested our detective skills with our friends by cracking the code and escaping the room; it was quite fun. After that we had a paella-cooking course - the paella we were making was the Valencia paella. It consists of white rice, vegetables, rabbit meat, chicken, land snails, beans and seasoning, after the course we ate our own paella. It tasted amazing!

Angela, Grade 12, China

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