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Poetry and otherness for young authors

Posted on: 29th January 2014 | Category: Music, theater and art

Poetry and otherness for young authors

The High School 10 students of Surval were recently asked to explore the theme of place using Elizabeth Brewster’s poem as source of inspiration. Our students expressed themselves in Where I Come From - People are made of places. The result of this creative work has been extraordinary: five poems pervaded by feelings, energy and contemplation. Five poems where their young authors seemed to migrate through experiences to reach their home-towns: mysterious and solitary places described, missed, desecrated and appreciated.

We therefore decided to submit their participation to the International Poetry Competition, Castello di Duino, which represents, according to the UNESCO Italian National Committee (under whose patronage it is organized), the most important contest among those which address young poets aged under 30. It is honoured with the medal of the Presidency of the Italian Republic and it has the support of Prince Carlo Alessandro della Torre e Tasso. 

The theme of the 10th Competition is I/You: otherness that occurs between individual and spaces and finds its peculiar expression in the relation we built with our native land... or, as Cynthia suggests, with the imaginary world we design in our dreams: 
That’s where I come from 
That’s how I want it 

Good luck to Natalia, Aitana, Alejandra, Cynthia and Polina for this amazing creative project!

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