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Professional photographer visits Surval

Posted on: 23rd May 2014 | Category: Music, theater and art, Special events

Surval had the opportunity to express its creativity in the Conservational Photography Workshop taught by Chiara Salomoni, an Underwater Professional Photographer based in Los Angeles, California.

Our special guest gave an interesting presentation on environmental issues that are currently affecting the oceans, trying to raise awareness for the protection of fauna and flora: this is why Project Mermaids was created.

Our pupils expressed their interest in the particular techniques and equipment used in underwater photography, such as waterproof makeup or the model’s ability to breathe in the deep. Cameras in their hands, the girls explored Montreux to accomplish during the day “Just one shot worthy to be seen that includes the water element”.

The result was surprising: shots of the Lac Léman, waterfalls and rivers not only aesthetically appealing, but also conceptually engaged: "I decided to photograph the view of the lake from the taxi, because it’s spectacular... it seems quite obvious because we can see it every day from the school, but I never get tired of admiring it! "(Polina).

The awards for Most Talented Photographers have been given to Alejandra (High School 10) "A World Within a World" and to Sofya (Foundation Year) "Castle Bubble" for their creativity, originality and technique.

“I really enjoyed the Conservational Photography Workshop. It was so interesting to meet such a talented (and nice!) person as Chiara. I never thought of her work, to be honest, and it was so interesting to find out about the equipment she showed us! I think she is an absolutely talented photographer. Chiara Salomoni gave us this opportunity, so that we showed what we really can do.”


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