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Rafting or laughing…???

Posted on: 2nd June 2015 | Category: Sport, Swiss adventures

What better way to spend a Sunday than tearing 14km down a white water rapid in an inflatable dinghy, 1000 metres in altitude, along the River Saane in Switzerland?

Picture an inflatable raft filled with 15 giggling, energetic girls for company, juggled around by the rapids like ping pong balls bouncing in and out of the boat. This was the ultimate lesson in multi-tasking; hang on to the rails of the boat with all the grit and determination of an intrepid adventurer to avoid being plunged into the icy cold water. Paddle hard, very hard. Add a few 360° spins at the same time and don’t forget to dodge the giant boulders in your path.

At first there was clear trepidation…”What if we get wet?” Will the boat sink? “But I won`t fall out, will I?” 10 minutes into our descent, at what felt like 20 knots/hour, the girls stopped for a “bit of liquid refreshment” suggested by our very able and amusing guide. However this was not the liquid refreshment they had expected…

“Jump out here girls for a little swim, if you like…” Various murmurings and mumblings within the boat were quickly alleviated by one of the girls shouting “come on in – it`s amazing.”  We were shown where to begin to swim and suddenly the current of the water whipped the ground from beneath us as we were swept downstream, only to be greeted seconds later by our guide once again, holding a paddle at full stretch with a wide grin, onto which we had to grasp in passing if we were to get safely back to land.

For some, white water rafting conjures up images of a serene, tranquil journey along a babbling river, enjoying the magnificent scenery along the way. Not, however with the girls of Surval‼ What a wonderful day filled with laughter, broken nails and aching muscles.


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