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Realf Fly Experience - The fun of flying!

Posted on: 14th December 2017 | Category: Clubs and societies, Sport

On Thursday the 23rd of November, the Surval girls enjoyed a very special sports afternoon- the chance to fly! The indoor free fall simulator in Sion is an award-winning attraction accessible to all abilities and ages, and was the perfect place for beginners to experience the head-rush of falling through space. After lunch at school, the girls jumped on the bus and we made our way to the centre. Each girl was fitted with a fashionable "flight suit" and given a short instruction of what to expect inside the "chute". These included technicalities of how they should position themselves, and the different hand signals used to communicate with the instructor inside. After putting in their ear plugs and helmets on, the girls made their way through the glass doors into the simulator beyond. Even the staff got involved, with Mr Watson, Ms Stancheva and Aine, our fantastic sports instructor, all joined in the fun, trying not to embarrass themselves too badly! One by one the girls entered the chute and were pushed up into the air by the rushing of air up from below. The air currents were strong enough to hold the entire body off the ground and there you were- truly flying! The experience was an incredible one! Thank you to all the staff who accompanies the girls and the students for their fantastic participation.



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