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Russian food evening

Posted on: 12th May 2014 | Category: Boarding life

After some fantastic presentations about Russia in their Etiquette class, some of the Foundation Year students wanted to share their culture, history, food, decorations and a presentation to the rest of the school.

The evening was lovely, with the whole school learning about Russian proverbs, history, music, the meaning of their flag and even how vast the country was. The rest of the school were left shocked after learning that it can take 11 hours by flight to travel from the West of Russia to the East.

The presentation was followed by a wonderful range of Russian food, from Chicken Noodle Soup and Olivier salad for starter along with Pilaf and Vatrushki for the main course.

‘This past Wednesday we had the Russian evening. Before dinner, the Russian girls gave an interesting presentation of their country to all of us. I had the opportunity to prepare the dessert named Vatrushka for this dinner in my cooking class in the afternoon. It was a great activity to learn about a different country than mine. I realized that besides my own culture there are other really interesting ones that I would like to learn much more about. I enjoyed it a lot.

The meal was really original and it was great to see the dining room decorated with Russian flags.

I had an excellent time!’

Paola, Mexico

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