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Sailing on Lac Léman

Posted on: 13th June 2014 | Category: Sport

Last weekend a pair of enthusiastic Surval students ventured to Le Bouveret to participate in a personalised sailing lesson. Fortunately, there was not a cloud to be seen and it was possibly the hottest day of the year so far! After meeting the instructor, the girls were quickly shown the ropes and given tasks to ensure we moved away from the wharf.

After Elisa perfectly navigated the boat out of the dock, we were quickly surrounded by the clear, open waters of the Lac Léman. Aiming for different landmarks, we learnt how to change the direction of the boat using the rigging. The instructor was very helpful, explaining many of the boat’s parts and what effect they had on its movement.

The girls enjoyed spotting local Montreux monuments from the water and were particularly impressed with Surval’s location! With the weather as warm as it was, we didn’t let an opportunity slide by and managed to have a quick swim in the lake. Surprisingly, it was not as cold as we expected!

All in all, everyone thoroughly enjoyed the sailing expedition out on the lake. It was a great test of teamwork and an afternoon where we all learnt something new! 

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