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September 2015 - Surval Sunday Bake Off

Posted on: 28th September 2015 | Category: Boarding life, Etiquette and cookery

This terms bake off begins!

The girls were split into two teams, their task; to create the most tasty and beautifully decorated cupcake. Did they succeed? YES!

Having never made cupcakes before the girls followed the recipe step by step; butter, sugar, eggs and flour and into the oven they went. Twenty minutes passed and they could bring out the golden sponges from the oven. Whilst they cooled, it was time to make the colourful butter icing and clean up. 

After a gruelling wait they could finally decorate with the coloured butter icing they had made. Swirls, twists, and sprinkles were beautifully placed on top producing scrumptious cupcakes. Now for the taste test…yes they are delicious!

Watch our video below, or click here for more photographs.

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