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Snowboarding at the weekends

Posted on: 28th February 2017 | Category: Sport, Swiss adventures, Winter Camp

Here at Surval Montreux, we are fortunate to live just a short train ride from a beautiful ski resort just above Montreux. Following an incredible Surval ski week in Anzère, some of our advanced skiers decided to take the plunge and try out snowboarding. No sooner requested, they found themselves heading out on a beautiful Sunday morning to the top of Rochers de Naye, boots and boards in tow, determined to learn some new tricks on the slopes.

First steps: a snow boarder has to know which way to board and work out literally which is their best foot forward! The girls tested their preference and gradually became more comfortable on their new boards, which they quickly realised are a lot less stable than their usual pair of skis!  Learning through falling but with much confidence gained, the girls soon attempted their first rope lift and made it to the top of a gentle slope. Their instructor Pepe was very impressed with their progress and quickly had them turning and stopping; hard to believe that two hours earlier these same girls had never stepped onto a snowboard before.

Our five beginners seemed well and truly ‘hooked’ after their first lesson and thoroughly enjoyed the new sporting challenges presented to them. It was the perfect opportunity for them, learning in a small group on fresh snow. We are delighted to see a growing number of Surval girls snow-boarding in our weekly Ski Thursday!

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