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St Moritz White Turf Horse Race

Posted on: 22nd February 2016

On Sunday 14th February, we went on a new roadtrip through Switzerland organised by the school thanks to Alvaro, our brave Spanish driver. We were all very curious to watch the horse races at the White Turf in St. Moritz, especially because it claimed to be one of the top events in Switzerland. 

For this unique and exclusive annual occasion which takes place on three Sundays in February, more than 30,000 spectators meet on the frozen Lake of St. Moritz to witness several horse races, surrounded by the magnificent Swiss mountains.

Our students arrived in St. Moritz in the late morning and immediately we felt the emotion of the competition under the snow flakes which fell abundantly on our heads. With their young and starry eyes, the Surval girls examined the young jockeys wearing gaudy coloured jackets and taming their horses on ice. 

Are we really walking on a lake? It sounds so exciting and scary! – shouted H. while she was approaching the race.

Three, two, one... go! Horses were flying towards the other side of the lake while we bent over the barriers to cheer and photograph their gallop from a closer distance. We could hear the race-horse owners next to us, whispering to their lucky ones in all languages. 

Later in the afternoon, some of us decided to dance on ice to keep warm, while some others visited the centre of St. Moritz and met their families. In the evening, we all came back to school with a drowsy look... but every girl returned with a new experience and a new story to tell to their friends. A story about a journey which we hope they will never forget!

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