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Students finish the year with water sports on the lake!

Posted on: 24th June 2014 | Category: Sport

Summer has arrived and Surval students are taking advantage of the abundance of water sports on offer on the Lac Léman. Last week, three different groups of girls chose to participate in afternoon sessions of rubber rings and wakeboarding. The rubber rings were thoroughly enjoyed by all, with many screams and much laughter as the girls attempted to hold on while being pulled at speed and manoeuvred over the waves. This activity was equally enjoyed by those on the boat watching their endeavours. Wakeboarding, while slightly more challenging, was another popular activity that the girls participated in. A special mention goes to Alejandra who quickly regained her form from last summer and to Pilar who tried wakeboarding for the first time!

The girls also had the opportunity to swim in the lake and soak up some sun. The boat’s driver made the most of our location and passed many of the beautiful ports in the area as well as the well – known Château de Chillon. Surrounded by clear, open waters, friends and other lake enthusiasts, summer got off to a good start for these students! 

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