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Students perform the Importance of being Earnest

Posted on: 27th May 2014 | Category: Music, theater and art

By popular demand, the Surval Drama Workshop staged twice the first Act of this classic Comedy of Manners in lovely costumes, hats, and make-up, beards and all. Both evenings were marvellously entertaining. Wilde’s gibes about double-lives and family duties, art and culture, truth and lies, money and marriage, and the importance of being ‘Earnest’, are always funny.

In our first performance Lucia and Andrea took respectively the lead roles as the roguish Algernon and Jack, and they were superbly comedic, light and playful. In the second, Anne-Marie and Gloria brought other dimensions to their hilarious portrayals, as good actors always do in their interpretation of character.

In both versions, belying her young years, Farida was impressive as the formidable Lady Bracknell. Such was her subtle, scheming execution that one nearly spotted aspects of Lady Macbeth in her depiction. Her shock and disgust regarding the famous ‘handbag’ was heartfelt. Alejandra wonderfully reprised the flirtatious Gwendolen, steadfast to the end with her love for any man called Ernest. She was scarily confident in defying ‘mamma’ as part of her ambition to ensnare the hapless Jack into marriage. Evalina’s Lane was all moustachioed lugubriousness and pitch-perfect with ‘his’ views on marriage, offering Algernon no moral example, but yet a pleasing pessimism.  

In the busy life of the School, the girls were extraordinary in their dedication, on stage filling out with aplomb the lines on the page. Their enjoyment as players was shared by appreciative and responsive audiences of students, visitors and staff, who strongly expressed the desire to see Acts 2 and 3. We hope the Workshop will do its ‘best to give satisfaction’ next Term.

Finally, if Algernon ate all the cucumber sandwiches during the performance, the cast and the audience finished off the delicious bread and butter to which Gwendolen was so utterly ‘devoted’.

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