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Students take part in a Christmas Competition!

Posted on: 11th December 2014 | Category: Boarding life

With the end of term drawing near, a Christmas themed day was organised. Groups of two students accompanied by a staff member (in an advisory capacity!) were given four tasks to complete over the course of the day:

1. Decide on a theme and organise the process
2. Find a cookie recipe, buy ingredients, bake and decorate cookies
3. Find the best Montreux Christmas Market bargain
4. Design a Christmas card and decoration

At the end of the day each team had to display the results of their activities.

Time allowances were short and students were provided a tight budget which meant planning and team work were crucial to their success.

Teams worked energetically, accompanied by much laughter, throughout the day to ensure everything was ready to be presented to the panel of judges in the afternoon. Creativity was abundant and there was a wonderful festive air and good humour through the school!

The final presentations were impressive, each with a different style and emphasis which placed the judges in a very difficult position to choose a winning group. Congratulations to all involved and Merry Christmas!

Please click here to see more photographs of the projects in progress and the finished products.


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