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Suisse Bouge 2018

Posted on: 23rd May 2018 | Category: Boarding life, Commitment to communities, School Life, Sport

The Suisse Bouge is a Government initiative to encourage people to be more active. It is a 5km "run", "run" in inverted commas because it is completely up to each individual how they complete the 5km course. Our girls chose to walk, roller skate and scooter it! Other members of the public danced and skipped to the end of the course. 

The Surval girls gathered for a dynamic, musical pre-run warm up before setting off together to celebrate raising their sponsor money for the Children’s Charity Telethon as well as increasing the their heart-rate! The race ran along the lakefront for 2.5km, a quick turnaround and back the same route to the finish; a beautiful lakeside loop for the girls to cheer each other on as they spread out along the course, with much "wooooing", cries of "andiamo", "allez" and "vamos"! The girls had a blast in the evening sun. 

At the finish line, a goody bag from the race sponsors was waiting as well as a bottled drink (next year we will request the organisers use less plastic for sustainability purposes). The girls also appreciated the free pasta and zumba session in the famous Montreux Place Du Marché; they  danced more than they had ran! Afterwards they enjoyed time with their friends sitting by the lake, soaking up the wonderful atmosphere and sharing stories of their race experience.

Our Surval staff also love to get involved; the girls cheered them on through the race and had great fun watching their teachers join in the Zumba and boogie along  with them!

It was a fabulous evening of sport, time with friends and all in aid of a great cause: the girls once again raised a fantastic amount for their telethon charity.

Great effort from the Surval ladies - chapeau!  

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