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Sun, Stand up paddle boarding and relaxing… Surval’s lake day

Posted on: 5th June 2017

With temperatures rising, the season for water sports is fast approaching. Blessed with a beautifully sunny Ascension weekend, Surval students headed down to Vevey Corseaux beach to make the most of a relaxing day by the lake, participating in their first stand-up paddle of the season and hitting the sandy courts for some beach volleyball.  

Life jackets on and boards attached, our girls set out onto the fairly windy waters of Lac Léman for their first go at stand-up paddle.  All managed to make it to their feet, not falling in once, and journeyed their way to another pebbly beach along the shores.  Here at Surval, we’re eager to make the most of what our local landscape can offer and exploring the lakeside beaches is just as exciting for us as hiking the mountain paths.

Being the first day of the long weekend, it was a great opportunity for girls to really unwind and enjoy some time out of school, particularly for those taking public examinations at this time.  With ice cream the dish of the day, girls and staff alike indulged themselves in refreshing treats under the afternoon sunshine.  After a few rounds of beach volleyball and a dip in the pool, our lake day came to an end, with all girls and staff relaxed and ready for more activities ahead.

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