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Surval celebrates European Day of Languages 2014!

Posted on: 30th September 2014 | Category: School Life, Special events

Fun and educational activities took place at Surval to celebrate the European Day of Languages: a day to promote lifelong language learning, global communication and cultural diversity.

Our students took part in many activities such as tongue twisters, creating flags from objects around them, magazine reading, intercultural debates and a very special treasure hunt! A meaningful prize (a mini bilingual dictionary English-French: the two main target languages spoken at Surval) was presented for the most creative flag - the Finnish national flag made from blueberries and yoghurt and surrounded by four Finnish phrases.

Colourful and delicious snacks were offered by M. Baumann and the kitchen staff during the tea break, which made the atmosphere even more buzzing. The girls were absolutely thrilled after having discovered the decorations in the dining room.

Among the videos showed during the day, a short workshop regarding the American Sign Language taught us some basic lexicon. On the stars of the European flag, we read the sentences the girls have written to express their motivations and feelings about language learning:

I love English because I can communicate with people when I travel to other countries

I love Italian because it sounds friendly and pretty when spoken

I love French because it is not easy and learning it is a challenge for myself

I love German because it sounds nice (and I like Rammstein!)

I love Spanish because I like listening to Spanish people talking and singing

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