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Surval in Marrakech

Posted on: 1st June 2015 | Category: Trips and excursions

On Sunday 24th May, Surval set off for a jam-packed four days in Marrakech.  After a very early rise, we arrived in Morocco by mid-morning.  We were met by our enthusiastic guide and were quickly to discover that an important part of our trip would be experiencing the gastronomy of Morocco.  A brunch of traditional pancakes, a three-course lunch, dinner of a beautiful slow-cooked tagine in a typical Moroccan restaurant… all in the name of culture of course!  We were full to the brim and glad of the famous sweet peppermint tea to settle our stomachs.  Amidst all this food (on just the first day alone!), may we assure you that we did manage to find some time to squeeze in some sightseeing.  We toured the must-sees of Marrakech  - a highlight was the ancient Médina whose narrow alleys and turreted buildings concealed forgotten stories and dusty secrets of times and lives gone by.

The following day we took part in a challenge in the souks of Marrakech.  Split into four teams, we were sent on a treasure hunt to find herbs from the apothecary, beautiful scarves, materials and traditional dress.  It was an adventure for all of our senses – there were perfumes to smell, fabrics to feel, spices to taste.  A sea of colour swept over our eyes and a snake-charmer’s music mesmerised our ears! 

Later that afternoon, we enjoyed a cookery lesson where we learned how to make both sweet and savoury Moroccan dishes.  The surroundings were inspiring, with the lesson taking place outdoors, in the courtyard of a magnificent riad.

We spent our final day on a trip in Jeeps to the Sahara Desert.  We made several stops along the way, including one to the Atlas Film Studios, where The Mummy, Game of Thrones and many more Hollywood bestsellers were filmed.  Further stops included a photograph pause to view the stunning landscape offered by the Atlas Mountains, a few market shops so the girls could buy the last of their souvenirs, and – of course – breaks for more pancakes and peppermint tea!

Marrakech was thoroughly enjoyed by all.  It was so enlightening to sample a culture so different from our own, and was definitely a trip to remember!

Click here to see more photos of our fabulous trip!



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