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Surval indoor climbers

Posted on: 1st December 2016

On a Sunday afternoon in November, with the sun shining bright, it felt as if we should be lounging by the lake; however, we had  some serious climbing to do and the indoor climbing centre definitely did not disappoint! This centre has hundreds of routes and plenty of bouldering to keep all abilities well on their toes. Our girls learnt how to tie the vital knots, to set themselves up on the walls and how to belay for their friends.

Once the hard work was completed, each girl climbed a huge variety of routes and even challenged the staff to race upwards and along the bouldering wall. Many of the girls were novice climbers and are to be congratulated on the tremendous courage they displayed and the admirable skills which they discovered and developed for themselves. Indeed, by the end of the afternoon, many of our girls were working as well as the seasoned pros.

“It was an amazing experience! I have never tried Climbing before. When you see the climbing wall for the first time it looks very high and scary, but after a few minutes you start really enjoying it. I would love to do it again and again!” Liza Labanovich FY 

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