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Surval Liberal Arts raise $700 for Refugee charity

Posted on: 21st February 2017 | Category: Commitment to communities, In the press

Last term, the girls from LA decided to sell necklaces as a project for their Introduction to Business class. This mock company was called “Bijoux,” the French word for “jewellery.”

The idea behind the project was to unite the girls through a common accessory, whose mountain pendant represented the school. The brand’s slogan, “be you,” captured the environment at Surval, where girls learn to be themselves in a diverse community. 

Having talked about the Refugee Crisis in their International Relation’s class, the girls behind Bijoux decided all proceeds would go to “Nobody Left Outside,” a charitable organisation formed by the United Nations’ Refugee Agency. Just a few months of advertising and accepting orders yielded the girls a total of $700, which has been deposited to the campaign. 

This project not only enabled the girls to understand the structure and management of a business, but also proved the potential we each have in making a positive impact on our community, both local and worldwide.

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