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Surval on Ice and snow!

Posted on: 22nd January 2015 | Category: Sport

Madame Monney took a group of students to the outdoor ice-rink in the nearby town of Vevey this weekend.  With stunning views of Lake Geneva and the wintery Alps, it proved a magical spot for ice-skating.  For some girls, it was clearly not their first time as they donned their skates and zoomed around the rink; others were slightly more hesitant as they took to the ice.   However, in true Surval spirit the girls displayed great team-work as the more experienced helped the others find their feet.  Some significant triumphs were noted as girls who considered themselves un-athletic found they had excellent balance and could out- perform the more experienced! As always, the motto of Surval-you can do it!- was much in evidence. By the end of the trip, every girl was skating with confidence.  A great day was had by all!

But it is not only skating on offer!  The winter season has now truly begun, with snow beginning to make a serious appearance and our weekly Ski Thursdays getting even beginners on the slopes with energy and enthusiasm. Ms Sexton set the standard for complete beginners, spending more time in the snow than on it-thereby encouraging some of the more anxious to beat her performance. Thanks to the excellent instructors everyone had a great time, made progress and enjoyed the whole experience. We are proud to see some highly experienced skiers this year, and hope we can develop some competition opportunities for them later in the term. Ski Week in La Plagne beckons in another 10 days: wait for more photos!


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