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Surval School Play

Posted on: 17th December 2015 | Category: Music, theater and art

There was definitely an atmosphere of expectation and excitement as the audience took their seats for the school spectacle that would celebrate this most special time of year. The first sketch featured the unrest in the heavens as a rather less than perfect chorister had been allowed to join the angelic throng, much to the consternation of the other celestial vocal egotists dressed in splendid attire of cream and gold, complete with wings. Daria found herself having to manage a problem that had occurred in her absence as choir leader. Adina and Elizaveta were adamant that our Taisias had somehow been given the wrong roles, with one tone-deaf singer being allowed to enter whilst the other was rejected from the group. All was well in the end as the situation was resolved allowing the less than perfect but enthusiastic singer to remain with the heavenly hosts. 

Taisia and Taisiia then returned to play a pair of warring brothers who disagreed over the choice of Christmas tree. The expert timing and clever word-play and dialogue mean this was very enjoyable to watch.

Simran delivered an amusing monologue as a child who had been reprimanded for speaking out against the cruelty inflicted on Christmas trees during the festive season, when they are chopped down for decoration. The list of crimes was reeled off with appropriate guilt but in a bizarre twist the final section led to an emotional and unrepentant rant about ‘tree killers’ which put a smile on the faces of the audience. 

A hush fell as the Wise Men took to the stage in the guise of our gap students Jess, Libby and Martina. This was a very funny look at the disagreements and faith of the three as they tried to convince each other that their quest to follow the star was worth it. Along the way they criticised each other on every subject from fashion to the gifts they had brought and even the negligence of leaving camels untethered overnight leaving the Wise Men to hitch-hike the last miles to Bethlehem. 

The final item was an adaptation of the Twelve Days of Christmas with a song performed by Fernanda, Sofia, Alexa, Paula and Sonia. The song chronicled their time at Surval since arrival with obvious moments that had made an impression. It was an appropriate end to a very enjoyable and funny show enjoyed by both participants and audience.

Special mention must go to the directors Ms Stobbart and Ms Lewis along with the gap girls who worked hard behind the scenes to make it all a success.

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