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Surval ski week in Anzere

Posted on: 17th February 2017 | Category: School Life, Sport, Swiss adventures, Trips and excursions, Winter Camp

Surval's ski week consists of: 


“Skiing in Anzère was such fun. The slopes were challenging but exciting and we enjoyed being able to ski the whole week with our friends. It was amazing, definitely tiring and sometimes very cold! We think we all improved a great deal throughout the week and this was down to the instructors we had guiding us every day. ” Mariana Chapa & Maria Eugenia Garza Grade 11


“As a beginner snowboarder, Anzère was the perfect place to learn. We fell a lot of times but the instructor in our group was very patient and gradually we began to improve day by day. In my group we started out on the beginner slopes but by the fourth day we could get down the whole of the mountain and we even attempted black runs! We can’t wait to hit the slopes again.” Xin Yi Grade 12


“It was amazing, challenging and adventurous. Every morning we set off for our walk and day by day our fitness improved. Each new location our instructor took us too was amazing, I took this opportunity to take pictures of the landscapes and it couldn’t be more glorious, whether it was foggy, sunny, cloudy, each view was phenomenal.” Nauf Aldossari Liberal Arts

Treasure hunt

“The first activity of the week was a treasure hunt, it involved all of us and was a fun way to develop our team work. It involved directing each team using the map the instructors gave us to find the treasure. After exploring the town each group received an award which included hats, gloves and most importantly chocolate. Everyone enjoyed playing about in the snow and discovering this delightful village, it was a fun experience.” Lucia Saiz Grade 10


“I really enjoyed the evenings in Anzère with my friends, especially when it meant doing other activities. One night we went ice skating outdoors, just outside of the hotel. It was so cool to be skating outside with the snow all around. It was a fun evening and I especially liked ice skating to the music Miss Rockley put on; it definitely felt we were dancing on ice.” Sofia Lipshits Foundation Year


“Almost all of the girls participated in sledging for the first time; it was for me! I am from Ecuador and we do not get snow there. It was fun and scary at the same time. I went down a few times both in pairs and singles, but I can recommend flying down on a single sledge as I went much faster. I loved playing around in the fresh, cold snow. ” Ellen Winter camp


“There were two swimming pools open, one indoor and one outdoor. It was a perfect evening to relax our bodies after a full day of skiing. As we arrived in the evening the moon was shining brightly and we could swim about gazing at the stars.” Elizaveta Fenko Foundation Year

Awards night torch decent

“In the evening of the last day of ski week all the girls took part in parading down the slope nearby the hotel. This was no ordinary parade, the students each held a torch and for some this was a flame torch. It was wonderful to see all the girls ski or snowboard together; a great finale to our amazing week of winter sports. Afterwards, the students received their awards and we indulged ourselves over hot chocolate and vin chaud. The night was rounded off with a wonderful party of music and dancing, the perfect end to another fabulous and successful Surval ski week.” Miss Billson Art teacher/Boarding team member.

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