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Surval students watch Dirty Dancing

Posted on: 24th September 2015 | Category: Music, theater and art

On Saturday 19th of September, my friends and I went on a trip organized by the school to see the play Dirty Dancing, which was playing in The Arena, in Geneva. We left for Geneva after lunch and rode the bus for about one and a half hours. The bus ride to Geneva was fun, as we spoke about many interesting things on the way to Geneva. 

On reaching The Arena, we made our way to the entrance which was very crowded, as there were many people, just like us, who were eager to see the play. Once the play began, everybody was mesmerized, and the hall suddenly became quiet. What surprised me the most was that the play was in French, and for someone who does not speak French on a daily basis, it wasn’t hard for me to understand what the actors were saying, despite the play being in French, all the songs were in English. On the entrance of Johnny Castle the entire crowd started whistling and hooting, and during the last dance, of Johnny and Baby the crowd started singing and clapping along with the song and cheering for all the actors, and this was my favorite part of the day. 

On the way back to Montreux it started to drizzle and because of which we saw a beautiful rainbow painted in the sky. My friends and I had dinner in a small Sushi restaurant, and took a cab back to school where we spent the remaining hours of the night relaxing in each other’s company.

The day spent, was musically wonderful.

Simran, Grade 11, India

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