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Surval Talent Quest!

Posted on: 11th December 2014 | Category: Boarding life, Music, theater and art

Last Sunday was a night of entertainment for all involved! The girls were given the task of performing an act in the Surval Talent Quest. With only an hour to prepare, rehearsal time was brief but the girls rose to the challenge!

               The library floor was transformed into a stage and the audience gathered in anticipation.  Some of the students performed in small groups and others bravely went solo. We were all amazed at the talent each produced and some hidden talents were uncovered! While Yaroslavna’s pianist skills were no surprise, we now know that she also has the voice to accompany! Princess presented a Poi act, Ana Pau and Lucia delivered a clever comedy act and Sasha performed an Irish dance for which she has been training over a four year period.

               Congratulations to all of the girls for bravely sharing their talents! 

Please click here to see more photographs 

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