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Surval’s first football match

Posted on: 20th January 2016 | Category: Sport

Surval`s premiere appearance on Switzerland`s inter-school football circuit got off to an outstanding start yesterday with a 5-a-side match at St George`s International School in Montreux. Surval fielded a strong first team with Liliana and Marina up front, Thais and Maria Jose in defence and Sonia in goal. Surval immediately launched a strong offensive attack on the opposition with Marina and Liliana putting a huge amount of pressure on the St George`s defence. Despite several fantastic shots on goal St George`s were the first to score: however Surval quickly equalized with an excellent goal from Liliana. With the extremely fast pace of 5-a-side football the team had rolling subs with Eugenia subbing in towards the end of the second half. Thais and Maria Jose together performed extremely well in defence, clearing several concerted attacks from St George`s forwards who had also fielded a very strong team.

Despite St George`s pushing into the lead late in the first half, Ivana made a debut early in the second half with an outstanding long-range shot from the centre of the pitch straight into the upper left hand corner of the goal. Maria also made her debut in the second half playing extremely well in midfield and despite playing against girls much taller than herself she showed fearless determination. Fernanda made an excellent contribution to defensc during the second half ensuring that several well-orchestrated attacks were fended off successfully. Sonia stayed in goal throughout the match, which considering the standard of the opposite team, was a formidable task. Bravely blocking a number of powerful shots on goal Sonia played a key role in the team. The final score was 5-3 to St George`s with the final goal for Surval being sent in by Liliana. Taking into account the years of experience that the St George`s team have playing together, and the fact that the Surval girls have only been training together for one term, this is an outstanding result and an absolute credit to their enthusiastic determination and team spirit. We are now looking forward to future matches with other schools, and a possible re-match with St George`s in the 3rd term where we look forward to a turnaround in last night`s result!

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