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Surval’s First Ski Thursday!

Posted on: 18th January 2016 | Category: Sport

Snow was falling on Surval for the first time since November as we set off for this year's first Ski Thursday, Lac Léman a moody grey and the sleepy pine trees on the winding mountain road cloaked in white. It was hard to tell who was most excited about the first slide of the season - the students or the staff! 

Coming off the chairlift at the top of Morgins, we shuffled through fresh snow into our groups, snow drifting down the whole time. For those stepping into their skis or strapping into a board for the first time, the layer of new snow created an extra challenge; however, it also provided some extra comfort for the inevitable tumbles!

From the first attempts to snowplough or scoot a snowboard with one foot, to taking advantage of the fresh white stuff to send up clouds of powder in fast turns on red runs, the girls - and teachers - tried hard, challenged themselves and had a good time. "It's so fun!" "It was cool!" "It was incredible to try the snow here," were just a few of the comments from the happy students, with some even also appreciating the opportunity to practise their French: "The instructor - Andre - was so good, and he'd speak to us in French if we wanted, so we were learning that too!"

We're all already looking forward to next week's ski Thursday, especially since the forecast says sun...

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