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Surval’s Icelandic Adventure

Posted on: 22nd June 2015 | Category: Trips and excursions

Iceland, how do you describe a land of such amazing contrasts? From the moment we arrived at the airport and on our initial drive to Reykjavik we were astounded by the natural beauty.  Lava fields, mountains, hot springs, geysers and brilliant sunshine 23 hours of the day surrounded us. The students were confused and did not quite believe us when we told them the sun did not go down and that there would be no darkness. ‘Sleeping with light all the time, and no curtains, as a really strange experience!’

Our days were filled with trips to see the sights like Gullfoss (Golden Waterfall) and the geysers of Strikkur which shoot up a column of water. Our time on the whale watching boats trying to spot whales in the inky dark waters of the north Atlantic wearing floatation, survival suits was a unique experience.  Scrambling through a lava tube cave over snow at the entrance to the point, we had to go down on all fours to get through: this was a real and rather scary adventure! Our final day was spent in the Blue Lagoon where girls enjoyed a relaxing couple of hours in the hot water mineral spa: a contrast to the energetic walking and exploration of the past few days! 


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